Apple Vision Pro Could Hit These Countries Next

Since launching the Vision Pro in the USA last month, Apple has not shipped its first spatial headset into other territories. Although it has said of plans to sell the device into other markets in the coming months, Apple didn’t reveal which exact countries will get it next. But now, a fresh finding suggests that the expansion could include more names than anticipated.

Right in February when the Vision Pro was revealed, it was rumored that it will subsequently make its way to Canada, China, and the UK before the next Apple WWDC event that is expected to place in June. However, it seems that Apple is intending to expand the availability of the headset to even a handful of shores.
As discovered in the codes of the latest visionOS update (via Mac Rumors), Apple is working to support new languages to the virtual keyboard that will be added to the English (US) language currently available.
Among the languages spotted include traditional and simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. There are also variants of English for other countries, which cover the UK, Canada, Australia, Japan, and Singapore. Additionally, the keyboard will also support French for Canada and France and German for Germany.
Will the Apple Vision Pro launch into more markets soon?
While not officially confirmed, the new languages for the visionOS’ virtual keyboard could mean that Apple will sell the Vision Pro to these associated places next. Namely, we can expect that the headset landing into the following markets:

Hong Kong
Hong Kong

We don’t need to wait longer for Apple to confirm any of this, too, as 2024 WWDC is likely to kick off in June in line with the previous developer conference schedules of the company. So perhaps, more availability details about the Apple’s Vision Pro will be shared.
If you’re living outside the USA and you can’t wait for the Vision Pro to arrive in your country, an alternative method is to import the headset from the States. But again, you will find that the language supported is only in English and you might lose the warranty and return policy perks.

Are you looking to buy the Apple Vision Pro once it arrives in your country? Let us hear your plans in the comments.

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