Apple smart ring rumoured to rival Samsung’s Galaxy Ring

Apple could follow Samsung into the smart ring arena, according to a new report.

While Apple has multiple patents pertaining to a new wearable health tracking device, there’s been little more to suggest the company is planning a release in the near future.

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However, a source speaking to ET News in Samsung’s South Korean homeland references these patents with the USPTO to suggest Apple has “imminent” plans to begin the process of putting the patented tech into an actual product.

“As Apple has been steadily releasing smart ring-related patents for years, it seems that pre-development for commercialisation is imminent,” an industry official said.

There’s already a great deal of skepticism regarding this report, but given Apple has indeed been working on the technology, it is absolutely plausible the company has plans to move forward in this regard. Apple’s ambitions in the wellness and healthcare sector are second to none in the tech industry.

Apple’s patented technology, last revealed last November but dating as far back as 2019, suggests there’ll be a touchpad like surface with NFC for Apple Pay and a microphone for dictating messages and commands.

With Samsung now promising to reveal more about its Galaxy Ring later this year, it’s possible Apple may be preparing a response.

Of course, there are already multiple option on the market. Startup companies have created the fertile ground for the likes of Samsung to step into. Namely, Oura, the current trailblazer, and maker of the Oura Ring 3. The likes of Ultrahuman are also making great strides.

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