Amazon causes confusion by listing brand-new Samsung S95D as renewed

What’s this doing here?
Updated: Mar 13, 2024 5:00 pm

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Table of Contents

We’ve come across a strange occurrence on Amazon today as we gear up for the S95D launch – the brand-new flagship QD-OLED TV has already been listed, but as renewed. We don’t know what could cause this, but it’s not something we’ve seen before and we’re certainly confused. It at least hints to us that the new display could soon be here.
Anyone that’s looking for one of the best QD-OLED TVs in 2024 should definitely check out the S95D. It leads the pack in terms of Samsung’s 4K OLEDs this year and will be 20% brighter than previous models according to Samsung’s press release.

Renewed S95D listed on Amazon
Although it is listed as unavailable, the product page is up and you can have a good look at the specs and features on the 2024 model. It will be a solid upgrade to last year’s popular S95C. We’ve already been pitting it against the likes of LG’s new premium model in our G4 vs S95D comparison.
We doubt that this renewed model will stick around for much longer when the actual product listings turn up for good, so this is pretty peculiar. Either way, if you’re looking to buy the latest Samsung OLED flagship, see our where to buy Samsung S95D guide.

When does it actually come out?
We previously saw the S95D showing up on Amazon with early listings, though these now lead to you a dead end as they’ve been taken down. The 55-inch ‘renewed’ model does still remain as we write this though – ‘inspected, tested, and refurbished’ to Amazon’s standards, apparently. However, we have good reason to believe that they’ll be out very soon.
We’ve done some extra sleuthing around and was able to spot a potential release date of March 21st, 2024, which we elaborate on in our Samsung S95D release date article, if you wish to take a look.

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