These Kittens Have a Bond Unlike Others, the Smaller Cat Relies on His Brother and Looks Up to Him Always

These kittens have a bond, unlike others. The smaller cat relies on his brother and looks up to him always.Pagny and BruelChatons OrphelinsMontrealGeraldine, an animal rescuer, came to the aid of a family who had two kittens they could no longer care for. She offered to take the pair and get their adult cats fixed.One of the kittens was smaller and frail and didn’t have much of an appetite. His brother stuck by his side to comfort him. Geraldine contacted her local rescue, Chatons Orphelins Montreal, and got the kittens safely into their care.The feline brothers, Bruel and Pagny, were joined at the hip, very close from the start.Chatons OrphelinsMontrealBruel, the smaller of the two, was very underweight and had to be hospitalized and treated for a fever, among other issues.”He remained on a drip and medication for three days and finally recovered,” Celine of the rescue shared.Bruel was just skin and bones and had a feverChatons OrphelinsMontrealWhile Bruel was at the clinic, he cried for his brother, longing for his company. Staff spent as much time with him as they could and tried to lift his spirit.With excellent care, he regained his appetite and put on some much-needed weight. When he was well enough to be reunited with his brother in their foster home, the two were over the moon.He missed his brother when he was at the clinic for treatmentChatons OrphelinsMontrealPagny raced over to greet his little brother Bruel, rubbing his face against him and showering him with affection. “They were so happy to see each other again.”Bruel explored his new space while Pagny followed him on his heels. They curled up on the couch, wrapping their arms around each other like yin and yang, and took a long nap, making up for lost time.The two brothers were so happy to be back togetherChatons OrphelinsMontrealThe two are completely inseparable. “Since the beginning, they have been very close. They sleep on top of each other. When you see one, the other is always nearby.”They seek attention from their foster family and play and cuddle with them as a duo. After a flurry of activity, they nestle in a purr pile on the couch or the cat tree to recharge.Chatons OrphelinsMontreal”They are so affectionate and purr as soon as we cuddle them. They like to sleep on us, and sometimes it can last for hours.”The two look nearly identical, with Bruel being smaller and having a darker coat. “Despite their resemblance, they have different personalities that complement each other perfectly.”Chatons OrphelinsMontreal”Pagny is mischievous, curious, and playful, and Bruel is calm and sweet. The second we take out a feather toy, Pagny comes running,” Celine shared.”Bruel loves to play fight with his brother and follows him everywhere to see what he is up to. He is still a baby at heart and relies on his brother often.”Chatons OrphelinsMontrealOn every new adventure, Bruel likes to watch and learn from Pagny before jumping in himself. When he feels confident, he winds around his people’s legs, looking for pets. He prefers sleeping under the bed sheets and loves to be cuddled.They curl up beside the resident cat who grooms them and makes them feel loved. Bruel wedges between them, napping in paradise.The resident cat helped kitten-sit the two brothers Chatons OrphelinsMontrealThe kittens have a distinct meow that sounds raspy and “broken”. “You can’t mistake them for other cats. They are so close and bonded that they can’t be separated.”The endearing brothers have gone through life together, and they will stay as a pair as they journey to their forever home.Chatons OrphelinsMontrealShare this story with your friends. More on Bruel and Pagny and Chatons Orphelins Montreal on Instagram and Facebook.Related story: Kitten Shows Up Outside a Home on Her Own and is Determined to Move Indoors that Day

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