Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Might Get an Exciting Battery Life Boost

Samsung’s Galaxy smartwatches were lauded for having long battery life that would usually stretch for many days. However, it was a difference case with last year’s Galaxy Watch 6 series, as battery life on these models were considered to be a downgrade despite having larger cell capacities from the Galaxy Watch 5. A new report details that Samsung could redeem this on the Galaxy Watch 7 through a more efficient chip.

How will the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 fare in battery and speed
Frequent leaker The Galox alleges on X that the Exynos W940 chipset on the Galaxy Watch 7 would bring significant improvement to the power efficiency. According to the account, the new processor will draw 50 percent less energy than the current Exynos W930 on the Galaxy Watch 6 (review), which could provide a notable battery life boost.
Although actual battery life on the Galaxy Watch 7 could still vary depending on other factors apart from the chip, the speculation is supported by a previous report that the said Exynos chip is manufactured in a 3 nm node. The change in technology node would allow Samsung to fit in way more transistors while also reducing power consumption. Hence, this explains the promising efficiency upgrade.
There’s also another way Samsung could improve the Galaxy Watch 7’s endurance, which is with the new WearOS 4 hybrid interface that debuted on the OnePlus Watch 2 (review). Basically, it relies on a microcontroller unit to process lighter tasks while leaving the more demanding processes to the main processor.

A look at the OnePlus Watch 2’s hybrid operation with two OSes and two processors. / © OnePlus

The source added that the new Eyxnos W940 chipset to be 30 percent faster than the Exynos W930 that has a dual-core processor clocked at 1.4 GHz. A faster processor would be a welcome enhancement, given recent smartwatch entries from Samsung’s competitors are equipped with more powerful chipsets, such as the OnePlus Watch 2 with a Snapdragon W5 Gen 1.
A more capable processor would also enable the use of new AI features in the Galaxy wearables that Samsung promised to infuse in the future. Among the outright advantages of using AI is optimizing health and tracking in Samsung’s devices, including its Galaxy Watch.

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Do you think that a more efficient and faster processor on the Galaxy Watch 7 would make it a better option than the Google Pixel Watch 2 or OnePlus Watch 2? Let us hear your opinion in the comment section.

The Galox (Anthony) on X

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