PRODUCER Software Evaluated in Real World Testing by MXR Productions

Some weeks ago, we had the opportunity to interview Xaver Walser, CEO of PRODUCER – Maker Machina. PRODUCER is an all-in-one production software to manage projects from the initial steps to delivery. Filmmaker Christoph Tilley and his production company MXR Productions used the app in a real-world scenario to give us their feedback. Well, here goes!
PRODUCER – Maker Machina is a promising all-in-one tool designed mainly for line producers, plus a collaborative tool for different projects, from short commercials to music videos. This software aims to end the nightmare of having all the production data separated into other apps by offering a comprehensive interface where everyone can be on the same page, saving time and making production more efficient. 
Christoph Tilley’s first impressions
In our first video, Xaver showed us how PRODUCER – Maker Machina works, giving a step-by-step explanation of its different features and the things under development. Changing the production paradigm in an industry where everything has evolved quickly, except in this area, could make this software a reference for filmmaking teams. 
Thanks to features like automating repetitive tasks, connecting the different parts of a shoot in the same program, and making communication easier, PRODUCER – Maker Machina offers a blueprint of the entire production without having to use external apps, send emails, make redundant phone calls, etc. 
Right now, there are more than 5,000 filmmakers testing the app, and filmmaker Christoph Tilley gave us his first impressions in the video above while using the software in a commercial shoot out of the office. 
All the stages of the production are organized inside the program. – Source: PRODUCER – Maker Machina.
He likes that the program gives you all the production information in one place, speeding up the process in an industry where speed and efficiency are gold. As an independent production company, Christoph finds PRODUCER – Maker Machina liberating, which gives more space to be creative on set and focus on making movies.
The things he would love to see in the future are a sophisticated budgeting tool and a time-tracking tool to avoid switching to external apps like Notion. Finally, Christoph recommends that other filmmakers test the tool and see if it fits their workflow. His team found it helpful and a time-saving tool, which, again, is essential in this industry. Even if just saves an hour per year, PRODUCER is worth it for him.
Price and availability 
You can sign up for PRODUCER in seconds here. The Free plan has no time limit, giving you the best chance to fully explore the tool and unlock its potential. When you sign up before 31st of March, you’ll also be able to take advantage of a limited 50% off deal that is available for Public Beta users only. To claim the offer, follow the instructions here.
What do you think about PRODUCER – Maker Machina? Would you be interested in testing the program? Which features would you like to see in the future? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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