Pet Appreciation Week 2024: When & What Is It

Pet Appreciation Week always occurs during the first full week in June. This celebratory week is not as widely known as National Pet Week, which occurs in May. However, it is a great opportunity to appreciate everything that our cats do for us.
Celebrations for this week are often small or non-existent. However, that doesn’t mean you can celebrate the week yourself by pampering your feline. Taking the time to make your cat homemade treats, planning an outing they would enjoy, or just setting aside time to cuddle can make this week special. Our cats often don’t need much to feel extra-loved.
Even if you don’t have a cat, you can celebrate by volunteering at a shelter or donating to a pet charity. Many rescues focus on cats specifically, and you may want to consider donating to one of these this week.

The 9 Ways to Celebrate Pet Appreciation Week with Your Cat
There are tons of ways you can celebrate this week with your feline. You’ll need to consider your cat’s specific preferences when planning a celebration. What one cat loves may completely terrify another feline.
Here’s a list of our favorite ideas:
1. Plan a toy hunt

Purchase some new toys (preferably with catnip) and hide them around the house. Your cat will have fun sniffing them out, especially if they love catnip. If your cat has a hard time, sprinkle some catnip in the area of the toy to give them a hint.

2. Gourmet food
Our cats are often stuck eating the same thing over and over again. Consider whipping up a special meal at some point during this week. You can either cook your cat some food yourself or purchase gourmet cat food from the store. You can find tons of cat-friendly cakes and similar recipes online.

3. Make a cardboard maze

Image Credit: marekusz, Shutterstock
If your cat loves cardboard, save up your boxes over a few weeks. Then, spread them all over the floor in a huge cardboard maze. For some added fun, throw in some catnip and toys. A playful cat may stay entertained for hours with this setup.

4. Spoil with gifts
You can also consider purchasing a customized collar or other accessories for your feline. While your cat may not appreciate these as much as you do, it can be a great way to make the week special.

5. Donate unused toys

Image Credit: Veja, Shutterstock
If you decide to purchase new toys for your feline to celebrate this week, consider donating your old ones. Shelters and cat rescues are in constant need of new toys and will appreciate the thoughtfulness.

6. Design a photoshoot
If your cat will put up with it, you can set up a photoshoot and snap some pictures for your feline. Use props like hats and cardboard cutouts to make your photos stand out. You can then share them on social media, encouraging others to celebrate the day.

7. Get crafting

Photo by Jess Bailey, Unsplash
There are tons of tutorials out there for DIY cat toys. Consider crafting a few new toys for your feline during the week and seeing how they like them. If your cat doesn’t typically get new toys, this can be a great week to change that.

8. Learn more about cats
You can only care for your cat as much as you’re knowledgeable about cats. You can’t do or change what you don’t know! Set aside some time this week to learn about cats. You’ll find tons of articles on our website aimed to help you do just that.

9. Invest in cat-friendly houseplants

Image Credit: t.sableaux, Shutterstock
There are many types of cat-safe plants that grow well inside, including catnip. Consider purchasing a few of these potted plants and bringing them inside for your cat to enjoy. The best herbs grow rather fast, allowing your cat to enjoy them without killing the whole plant.

How Did Pet Appreciation Week Start?
The start of this week is less well-documented than other national weeks. However, it’s thought to have been started by a few small businesses online. From there, it grew as more businesses offered sales and initiatives during this week.
Today, it’s often confused with National Pet Week, which takes place in May. These two weeks are exceptionally similar, but they take place at different times. National Pet Week also has a larger following and larger organizations supporting it, while Pet Appreciation Week tends to be more of a grassroots movement.
What Are the Goals of Pet Appreciation Week?
As the name suggests, the main point of this week is to celebrate the impact cats (and other pets) have on our lives. Felines provide companionship and emotional support. However, they often don’t get the credit they deserve. Sadly, our cats aren’t with us very long, and they tend to be underappreciated while they’re here. This simple week reminds us to celebrate our cats while they are here.
You can also use this week as a way to strengthen your bond with your feline. There is always something we could be doing better with our cat’s care, and this week can be the kick we need to make the harder changes. Maybe we need to play with our cats more to help them lose a few pounds, for instance.
This appreciation week also promotes responsible cat ownership. As we stated above, you can only care for your cat if you know how. This week is a great time to raise awareness of proper cat care and get even more informed on your cat’s needs. You can also support local shelters and rescues who are trying to save cats from homelessness. Advocating for animal welfare is also important, as this helps ensure that cats everywhere are properly cared for.
If you know an ethical, quality cat breeder, you can use this week as an opportunity to reach out and tell them thanks! It’s only through great breeding that the next generation of cats is made healthier.

Final Thoughts
Pet Appreciation Week is a great opportunity to celebrate your feline. It’s a week to realize just how much your cat means to you and do something about it! We’ve listed plenty of ideas above, but you don’t have to do all of them. Even doing one thing can be a great way to celebrate. Don’t overwhelm you or your cat by trying to do too much.
On top of celebrating your cat, you can also donate to shelters and other organizations that help cats in need.

Featured Image Credit: Karolina Grabowska, Pexels

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