LG’s popular C2 OLED cleared out on Best Buy, here’s the cheapest C3 instead

Time to shift focus to the C3?
Updated: Mar 13, 2024 1:40 pm

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Table of Contents

The massively popular LG C2 has been on clearance at Best Buy lately, but it looks like stock has sold out. A massive discount brought the price way down, causing many bargain hunters to snap it up in a timely fashion. The good news at least is that the newer C3 OLED is now getting a decent price drop to takes the C2’s place.
The LG C3 took over as our best OLED TV, replacing the C2. Now that the LG C4 release date is more or less here with pre orders already live, big discounts have been coming the predecessor’s way. This makes it a great time to upgrade your TV if you want your budget to go far.

Save $150 now!

LG – 42″ Class C3 Series OLED 4K

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LG C2 OLED TV cleared out at Best Buy
A few lucky people were able to grab the popular 42″ LG C2 for just under $500, excluding tax. This is a super impressive deal, but sadly it has quickly been snapped up (as you’d expect) before we could report on it and is now listed as sold out. However, we’ll be keeping an eye on the product listing to see if the clearance deal makes a return, but it seems like a hopeful one.

So instead we turn our attention to the LG C3. Now that the C2 has been cleared out with no listings to be found at the moment, the 42″ C3 has adopted a new $999.99 price tag – $150 lower than usual. Make your way over to the Best Buy product page as soon as you can if you want to take advantage.

Save $150 now!

LG – 42″ Class C3 Series OLED 4K

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Should I get the C3 instead of C2?
The C3 offers some valuable upgrades over the C2 such as the newer Gen 6 processor, with improved AI features that play a key part in the higher peak brightness, and support for DTS audio. Our LG C2 vs C3 guide goes into greater detail about the differences, but in short, the C3 is more of a marginal improvement over its predecessor.
If you’re struggling to find C2 stock, then the C3 is the most obvious alternative and a more future-proof option. We’ve noticed that the C2 is still in stock on Amazon at the time of writing, but no-where close to the clearance price as Best Buy, which leaves us recommending the C3 instead if you can stretch your budget just a little bit further.

LG C3 OLED Series

LG C2 OLED Series


Incredibly fast response time (0.001ms)

New Game Optimizer features

Excellent gaming performance

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