Introducing the ADATA Fusion 1600 Titanium

Introducing the ADATA Fusion 1600 Titanium
The Fusion 1600 Titanium is XPG’s newest, highest-end power supply, setting new standards in performance and efficiency.Outstanding Features and Quality in a PSUAs its name implies, it is rated for 1600 watts of continuous output and titanium-rated efficiency by CLEAResult 80+ and Cybernetics. This power supply is made in partnership with Delta, a legend in the space known for manufacturing power supplies for industrial applications for decades. This partnership has resulted in a product of exceptional quality with many standout features.Cutting-Edge Technology InsideXPG has spared no expense regarding the internals of the PSU. They’ve replaced silicon with gallium nitride for the power components, increasing efficiency and decreasing heat. Their partnership with Delta has also brought a planar transformer that can handle more output in a smaller area. This could prove useful if XPG decides to make SFX units. Moreover, XPG has used 100% Japanese capacitors, including the two main 820uF Rubycon capacitors, while all secondary capacitors are Nippon solid-state capacitors.Versatile Cabling Options for Power SuppliesFor the cabling, XPG offers a generous ten PCIE 6+2 pin connections, two EPS 8-pin connections, twelve SATA connections, and two 12VHPWR cables. There is also the standard 24-pin ATX cable and four Molex connectors. While some may wish for sleeved cables and a third 8-pin EPS connector, the provided cables should suffice for most users. What truly sets this unit apart is the inclusion of an OCLINK cable, allowing you to connect two units together without the need for a 24-pin jumper cable. This innovation is a notable addition.Introducing XPG’s Prime Software for more in-depth controlNew for this PSU is XPG’s Prime software. The Fusion 1600 Titanium can be connected to your PC via USB to access the PSU’s Smart features. This software enables you to monitor thermals, power usage, and input voltage. You can also modify the fan curve and configure power rails, providing you with more control and information than ever before.Pricing and Warranty Options for XPG Power SuppliesWith an MSRP of $699, the Fusion 1600 Titanium is a premium product. However, this price point is competitive, with most of its competitors in the $600-$650 range. It offers several unique features, such as software monitoring and the OCLINK cable, which are not commonly found in other products. XPG stands behind this unit with a 12-year warranty to sweeten the deal, demonstrating their confidence in its durability and performance. Overall, if it fits within your budget, the Fusion 1600 Titanium is a power supply worth serious consideration for a powerful workstation PC or server.

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