Google Pixel 9’s Display Could Support Operation in Wet Conditions

It was uncovered in January that Google has been working on a new “Adaptive Touch” feature for Pixel phones. While it was first believed to be activated on the Pixel 8 (review) and Pixel 8 Pro (review), it now appears that this could debut with the Pixel 9 instead.

Google Pixel 9 could add wet display operation
In the latest Android QPR3 Beta 2 update for developers, clues about the feature have again surfaced (via Android Authority). Along in the lines of the firmware, the feature is now associated as “P24”. And upon digging, the label could mean of Google’s 2024 Pixel lineup that is composed of the Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro.
On the other hand, the idea of Adaptive Touch coming to the Pixel 8a is quickly refuted by the outlet as Google’s mid-range devices have usually been labeled with ‘midyear’. At the same time, Adaptive Touch seems to require a capable OLED display to be supported, which is something the Google’s Pixel mid-range smartphone line lacks.

Google Pixel 9’s render shows a redesigned camera island and flat frame. / © OnLeaks / 91Mobiles

With this, it becomes more apparent that this specific display mode could be planned to be added first on the Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro which are expected to be announced in fall. However, it is still unknown whether the feature will be going made available to the older Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro.
What is Google’s Pixel Adaptive Touch?
Based on what we know, Adaptive Touch is an upgraded display mode that automatically adapts and adjusts the touch response rate based on environments and activities. For instance, it would adjust the touch sensitivity and enable touch inputs on the screen even if the handset is wet or used in rainy conditions. Notably, OnePlus has a similar feature called “Aqua Touch” that has been introduced on the OnePlus 12 (review).
Google currently has a comparable feature called “Screen Protector” mode on the Pixel 8, but this is limited when a screen protector is installed on the handset. The company could eventually expand this to Adaptive Touch and add support for wet operation on the upcoming flagship phone duo.
Do you think such a feature would be an essential addition to the Pixel devices? And are you looking to upgrade to the Pixel 9 or Pixel 9 Pro once they are launched? Let us hear your answers.

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