GLOGIRLY: Snow Freshies

 WAFFLES:  Nothing to see here. Other than a handsome mancat hanging on my favorite chair with the snow freshies out the window behind me. ELLIE:  What are snow freshies, Mr. Waffles?WAFFLES:  That’s what Glogirly calls it when she races to the ski area after it’s been snowing. Powder. Pow-pow. You know,  freshies.ELLIE:  This is what I like to do when there’s freshies.We’ve had a LOT of the white stuff here at the mountain house. And it’s been cold enough that it’s been sticking around more than usual. Of course that means you-know-who is doing a lot of you-know what. In fact, today marks Glogirly’s 60th day of skiing this season! At this rate she’ll have no trouble making her goal of 100 days in the season.

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