DxO PureRAW 4 brings smart lighting and DeepPrime XD2 AI noise reduction

DxO has announced the new DxO PureRAW 4 (buy here). The RAW processing software features the new DeepPrime XD2 noise reduction, with Fuji X-Trans support coming soon. It also gains real-time correction previews.

PureRAW 4 sees the addition of Smart Lighting, as well as new advanced batch renaming and other workflow tools. Hey, things that save us time (and free it up for other stuff) are always good, right?

DxO PureRAW 4 – DeepPrime XD2 AI Engine

DxO PureRAW 4 introduces the company’s latest DeepPrime XD2 AI engine. This is the part responsible for demosaicing the raw data from your camera. It intelligently eliminates noise in your low-light and high-ISO shots.

DxO says that it’s the company’s most powerful denoising and demosaicing tech to date. You can see some demonstrations of its capabilities in the above review from Todd Dominey. Todd also covers some of the other new features in PureRAW 4.

Improved Lens Softness Correction

One of the biggest issues for many photographers, particularly those on a budget, is soft lenses. Sometimes, we may need to make a compromise on sharpness in order to keep the wallet happy. Fixing this isn’t always easy, but DxO PureRAW 4 helps to make it happen.

It uses DxO’s Optics Modules in order to determine the unique characteristics of the lens and camera comb. It then attempts to overcome the shortcomings of the combination mathematically. It’s a process with which DxO says no other company can compete.

Workflow Upgrades

PureRAW 4 sees new advanced settings for denoising. It offers a new level of control through sliders for things like Luminance and Force Details. Real-time correction previews allow you to see the changes you’re making as they’re happening for a much speedier editing session.

A new widget detects when you connect a memory card, USB stick or USB SSD to your computer. It launches PureRAW 4 automatically to speed up the photography workflow. Hopefully, there’s a way to disable this behaviour for those who want to offload multiple cards before they start the editing process.

The major news for this announcement is the improved DeepPrime XD2 Advanced Deep Learning AI. But combined with the workflow features, it all adds up to a nice little upgrade for those who will benefit from them.

Price and Availability

DxO PureRAW 4 is available to buy now for $119 for new users. Owners of previous versions of DxO PureRAW can upgrade for $79.

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