Does Apple AirPlay Support on Quest Headsets ‘Meta’?

Meta’s Quests headsets, like the Quest 3 (review) and Quest Pro (review), continue to be the mainstream mixed reality and VR headsets options in the market. They come with rich support for work and media consumption despite the lower price barrier they have compared to the likes of Apple’s premium Vision Pro. Meta could improve its headsets lineup further with a planned AirPlay integration.

Will Apple allow AirPlay on Meta Quest headsets?
Currently, Quest headsets already feature a wide selection of apps for users to consume or stream multimedia content, where even the ability to store files for playback later is possible. As discovered by UploadVR via 9to5Mac, Meta plans to expand these features to support content or screen sharing to its headsets from Apple’s devices through AirPlay. However, that seems to depend on whether the iPhone manufacturer allows them.
In a reply to an X user, Meta’s VP for VR Mark Rabkin said they already asked the Apple for permission to include AirPlay into the Quest wearable by converting them into receivers and be compatible with the wireless protocol. Once approved, users can AirPlay content or cast screens from iPhone or iPad tablets and manage these on a Quest headset, albeit in a reality or spatial space.

The Meta Quest Pro’s display is much sharper, not least because of the pancake lenses. It also ships with a wide selection of apps and streaming services. / © nextpit

However, there’s seems no guarantee that Apple will allow Meta’s request considering they have competing platforms in the MR/VR market. But it would make sense for both companies to have AirPlay work with Quest headsets and Apple devices eventually as this give users versatility of media playback options.
The closest thing to getting a comparable experience without AirPlay is to transfer content from an iPhone going to a Quest headset by first transferring it to a Mac or PC. You can also use third-party apps to stream viewable content or screens but via a Mac or PC in addition to streaming apps like Netflix directly on the headset.
As with the case of Apple’s spatial headset, the Vision Pro even presently lacks the same AirPlay function. However, it is more urgent on Apple’s part to add it to its headset first before approving Meta’s request.
Do you think Apple should enable AirPlay interoperability on Meta’s Quest wearables? Will it be a major feature that will help convince you to buy a Quest headset? Let us know your answers in the comments.

Via: UploadVR via 9to5Mac
Mark Rabkin on X

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