Best Litter Boxes for High Spraying Cats

Best Litter Boxes for High Spraying Cats
5. Richell PAW TRAX High Wall Cat Litter Box, X-Large

Richell’s PAW TRAX XL, made in the USA, offers a spacious palace for large cats, multi-cat households, or any kitty who appreciates larger spaces to do their business. This 150%-larger haven boasts high walls to contain messes, an anti-tracking grate step for clean floors, and easy access for all felines. Plus, with a sleek design and three colors, it’s the purr-fect upgrade for your home! Say goodbye to litter box blues and hello to happy cats and clean floors.

6. The Frisco Jumbo Covered Cat Litter Box

Another solution for a high-walled, covered litter box is this Jumbo Frisco product. It measures 29.7″ long by 17.5″ wide and is 17.6″ tall, with a hinged lid.

It has a side door, rather than an option at the end, and it comes with an inner cat litter tray and a scoop holder with a scoop that sits in one of the handle gaps at the side.

Some of the main features of the Frisco high-sided cat litter box are:

The high-sided walls contain any spraying or litter scattering.

The door has a low entrance just six inches from the ground and is big enough for most cats to get through comfortably.

The hinged lid can be left closed for privacy and to help control odors, opened for cleaning, or completely removed if your cats prefer the extra light.

It’s made from a lightweight, BPA-free plastic that is easy to wipe down.

However, some reviewers haven’t had the best experience with it. Many have said that the inner tray isn’t deep enough, so if you only put litter into that, then the cat will spray urine over the sides, and while it’ll be contained in the larger box, it pools under the tray and is harder to clean.

Other reviews have said the material is flimsy, and the hinged cover could be more secure. However, it is designed to be easily removable, so you can take the lid off if you prefer. Still, it doesn’t click into place. So it could quickly be accidentally taken off completely when you only meant to open it.

And because it has side handle holes, some customers have reported cat urine spraying through the gaps.

With that in mind, here are some tips on how to use the Frisco Jumbo litter box to get the most out of it:

Don’t use the inner litter tray – too many people complain about it being too shallow and the mess it causes. Instead, use the entire jumbo box as the litter tray. Fill the whole bottom with litter, and you’ve instead got one large, enclosed litter tray, and any spray will trickle down into the litter to clump or can just be wiped down from the sides.

If you do that, add a mat outside the doorway to prevent litter tracking. Or, if you do keep using the inner tray, consider using the extra space for a small mat inside the box.

Tape up the handles on the sides where there are gaps if you don’t intend to move them around a lot. This can prevent urine from being sprayed out unintentionally.

Ditch the scoop that comes with the litter box. It’s a standard scoop with flat tines, meaning you have to spend much longer sifting or throwing out litter that you could reuse. The scoop holder is fine, but consider a Litter Lifter a replacement scoop because it’s our favorite litter scoop.

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