Anthracite Parakeet: Pictures, Personality, Food & Care Guide

The Anthracite Parakeet is a rare variety of parakeet. It is perfect for people who want the friendly personality of these birds but prefer charcoal gray to their usual bright colors. If you are thinking about getting one of these birds for your home but would like to know more about it first, keep reading as we discuss its origin, colors, characteristics, and even where you might be able to find one.
Species Overview


7–8 inches

1–1.5 ounces

12 inches

The Anthracite Parakeet is special due to its unique and striking appearance. This parakeet’s predominantly dark plumage resembles charcoal, and there are black patches on a white head, creating a captivating contrast. Anthracite Parakeets are intelligent, quick learners and often have friendly, inquisitive personalities, which makes them popular with many bird owners. Their compact size and agility mean they are agile fliers, and their rare color helps them be even more sought after by bird enthusiasts.
Anthracite Parakeet Characteristics

Origin & History
The Anthracite Parakeet has one of the rarest parakeet colors, which also include the Texas clear body, feather duster, and brown. The color is due to the anthracite mutation, which gives the feathers a charcoal or black appearance. It’s hard to find them outside Germany, where many people believe that they got their start and where they are still quite popular. Some believe that it could even be the reemergence of a possibly extinct English grey Parakeet, which looks quite similar.

Anthracite Parakeet Appearance: Colors and Markings

Body Color:
The Anthracite Parakeet has a charcoal-grey body that can be a light or dark shade of grey.

Head and Face:
The head is usually light colored or white, with small black spots on the cheeks.

Wings and Wingtips:
The wings and wingtips are black with white highlights around the edges, which add a nice contrast to the body.

The tail feathers are long and pointed, often displaying a mix of black and charcoal.

Eyes and Beak:
The Anthracite Parakeet has dark eyes, a light brown beak, and a purple cere.

Where to Adopt or Buy
Unfortunately, finding an Anthracite Parakeet can be difficult in the United States because they are only common in Germany, their home country. Contacting a breeder in Germany and convincing them to ship the bird to you can be challenging and expensive. You can also try pet stores and even rescue organizations to see if they have one in stock. One more option is to use online websites, like Staying vigilant about checking the different locations can result in you finding one.

The Anthracite Parakeet is an extremely rare parakeet variety with dark charcoal feathers instead of the usual colorful feathers that you usually see on these birds. They were developed in Germany, and that is still the best place to find them. Some people have suggested that they are actually the possibly extinct English Grey Parakeet. Although it can be challenging to find one, doing so will reward you with a fun-loving, friendly bird with a gothic appearance that will stand out from the others in any habitat.
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