After 341 Days at Shelter, Cat Wins Over Family with Pleading Eyes and Shadows Them Everywhere They Go

After 341 days at the shelter, a cat won over a family with his pleading eyes. Now, he shadows them everywhere they go.MontyExploitsValley SPCAMonty, the cat, grew up on the streets, fighting for survival, before coming to Exploits Valley SPCA for a chance at a better life.He despised other cats at the shelter and spent most of his time in a kennel. As much as staff and volunteers tried to keep him company, they knew he needed a home where he could be the king of the castle.”He loves people and would adore a family of his very own,” the shelter shared.ExploitsValley SPCADays turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months. Monty was still in the shelter, hoping his forever family would come soon. After half a year, he warmed up to some of the cats who happened to be all female.They moved him in with the ladies so he could have more space and company.ExploitsValley SPCAOn his 310th day at the shelter, a kind-hearted supporter who couldn’t adopt Monty offered to sponsor his adoption fee, hoping to get him a good home soon. Despite all the efforts, there was still little interest.Then, one day, Monique came across the shelter’s page through her animal-loving neighbor.ExploitsValley SPCA”We have a 5-year-old black female cat, Fortune. We travel a few days here and there, so we thought maybe she would like a friend,” Monique told Love Meow.While browsing the page, she stopped at a sad story about Monty. A few days later, her husband sent her a photo of a cat, which clinched their search. It was Monty in the picture.This is the picture that they saw from the shelterExploitsValley SPCA”It was obviously meant to be, and we had the same idea. I showed the picture to my son, and he didn’t stop asking about him until I said yes.”They put in the application and kept their fingers crossed. After getting approved by the shelter, they began counting down the days until they packed their car for a trip to meet Monty.Monty was instantly smitten with the familyMonique”We went right into the cat room looking for him. He was on the very top of a shelf in a little cat bed sleeping,” Monique shared. “The volunteer reached up for him and gave him to us.”Monty was instantly smitten with Monique’s children as they petted him gently. He followed them on their heels and wriggled into their arms.Monique”He stayed in our arms until we left. He was the best little boy the whole drive home. As soon as he got in the door, he explored and explored.”Monty has become his people’s shadow, following them from room to room, ensuring no one is alone. “I think he knows he is in his forever home. He is constantly under my feet, rubbing himself on my legs and purring.”MoniqueIt’s been three weeks, and Monty has settled in beautifully.”He is the most amazing, cuddly, patient kitty. My two children love him and carry him around like a baby. He doesn’t have one bad bone in his body.””My son says, ‘Monty is the dog I always wanted.'”MoniqueMonty has found his favorite place by the fireplace or under the sheets of Monique’s son. “My son says, ‘Monty is the dog I always wanted.'””Soon, his 300+ days in the shelter will be a distant memory, but he will never forget the wonderful care he received from the amazing workers that led him to us.”Monty and his new sister FortuneMonique”I always ask Monty, ‘Are you glad you came to live with this crazy family of ours?’ And we always laugh. We might be crazy, but we give him all the love in the world, and he returns it right back.”MoniqueShare this story with your friends. More on Exploits Valley SPCA on Facebook and their YouTube channel @BirdieWorld382.Related story: Four Kittens Found Outside at One Week Old Have Come a Long Way as a Tight-knit Bunch

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