40 Cats Living in Filth Rescued From Hoarder in New York

Officials from SPCA Westchester in New York are undertaking a harrowing rescue operation involving nearly 40 cats from a distressing hoarding situation. Following complaints from neighbors about a foul odor emanating from an apartment, the organization’s Humane Law Enforcement was alerted. Upon reaching the site, they discovered about 40 terrified felines living amidst squalor and debris.
White Plains group rescues 40 cats from horrific hoarding situation
In White Plains, New York, SPCA Westchester officials are actively involved in the rescue mission of approximately 40 cats and kittens, as ABC 7 New York reports. The cats have been living in a filthy apartment and as a result, most of them are severely sick. The rescue team reached the apartment after a landlord contacted the organization’s Humane Law Enforcement Unit on Monday, Feb. 12 about complaints from neighbors of a bad smell coming from the residence. 
The rescuers report that all of the felines are suffering from dehydration. Moreover, most of them are also suffering from severe upper respiratory and ear infections. Despite setting up food and water stations, rescuers believe that it may take several days to complete the rescue operation. However, they plan to persist until every single animal is safe and sound, continuing their efforts until they accomplish the task.
Lisa Bonanno from SPCA Westchester said, “It’s not livable conditions within a minute of being inside.” She further added, “You can’t really breathe. It’s really unhealthy.”
According to the authorities, they are attempting to migrate the cooperative resident from the apartment. In addition, they will not press any charges against the resident. Rescue workers anticipate that the process of assessing, treating, spaying, and neutering the cats will require weeks. Subsequently, they will be fit for adoption. The rehomed felines are receiving treatment at SPCA Westchester in Briarcliff. 
This heartbreaking hoarding case involving 40 cats has highlighted the critical need for robust intervention and compassionate action. The tireless efforts of SPCA Westchester and other authorities have shone a light on the importance of animal welfare and community collaboration. 

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